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European Leaders Exchange  

The European Leaders Best Practices Exchange is a place for European government leaders to learn about best practices, exchange ideas on important priorities, and connect with other public procurement leaders across the continent.

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Global Leaders Exchange  

In partnership with Michigan State University, the Global Public Procurement and Acquisition Best Practices Exchange is a place for government executives and leaders across all levels of government and internationally to connect, learn and solve problems together.

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Mid-Tier Supplier Community  

Since 2010, Mid-Tier Advocacy, Inc. has been on the front lines working to level the playing field for U.S. mid-tier companies that are competing for U.S. government federal contracts. MTA serves as a vehicle for business growth and development by briefing congress, reaching out to federal agencies and educating member firms on business opportunities. If you haven’t already, join the community today to connect and engage with members, access latest updates and become part of the world’s largest community for public spending through the Public Spend Forum.

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Global Community  

The Global Community is the place to connect and collaborate with government leaders and workforce, industry, academics and thought leaders and all others interested in the public spending, the public sector market and public procurement.

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Public Spend Forum's Newswire Community  

The Public Spend Forum Newswire is a daily news service of the most important news, information, and insights on the public sector market, curated and synthesized by our editors from hundreds of sites.

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