Joe Sandor

Joe Sandor

Michigan State University

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Former President and CEO of Creative Procurement Strategies, Joseph Sandor was appointed the Hoagland-Metzler Endowed Professor of Practice in Supply Management at The Eli Broad College of Business of Michigan State University in 2006. During his time with Creative Procurement Strategies (CPS) Sandor advised clients such as Harley-Davidson, John Deere, Electrolux, Rolls-Royce, Whirlpool, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Motorola, ConAgra, Delphi, Sandia, Schlumberger and the USAF. Sandor has over forty years proactive supply management experience with progressively increasing responsibilities emphasizing cost prevention/reduction, team building, strategic supplier alliance formation, systems development, logistics optimization, shared services, inventory control and cost modeling.

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Academic, Consultant

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Best Practices in Execution, Innovation and Success Stories, Policy, Strategy & Organizational Design, Talent Management