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Our best practices section focuses on the latest insights by leading practitioners and thought leaders, and delivers practical, action oriented recommendations that can help you in your job today.

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World Bank's Benchmarking Report Highlights Global Challenges

The World Bank's annual Benchmarking Public Procurement report assesses the transparency and efficiency of public procurement in more than 100 countries around the world.




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Good to Know Toolkit

Want to know how to run a challenge or a prize? Check out this vital resource.

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Featured Content

Procurement Problems In Texas: Workforce Solutions Alamo

An audit report from Texas reads as a how-(not)-to when it comes to managing your procurement.

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Podcast: Jay Nath on Driving Innovation in Public Procurement

We talk with San Francisco's Chief Innovation Officer about his new approach to getting small businesses on board.

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Op-Ed: 5 Ways to Fix a Broken Proposal Model

A supplier offers some advice to government on how to improve the proposal process.

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McDonald's And Public Procurement: Behind The Knee Jerk

While the perceived misuse of purchase cards can at times attract negative attention from the press, the reality is that p-cards are often unfairly maligned.

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Understanding Total Lifecycle Cost

Understand how to drive real value long term when making a purchase.

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E-Catalogs: The 'Fifth Element' of Procurement

E-Catalogs have the potential to innovate procurement and drive significant benefits.  Read this report by Xavier Olivera of Spend Matters.

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Cost Modeling & Analysis

Basics of Cost Modeling, by Professor Tim Laseter and Censeo Consulting Group.

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Innovative Contracting Case Studies

The White House highlights several case studies on how agencies are using innovative methods to drive more value from procurement.

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Building Healthy Government-Supplier Relationships

This report from the Institute for Public Procurement's National Business Council provides advice and tips for building better relationships.


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