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NAO Report on Commercial and Contract Management

Last month, the UK’s National Audit Office published what we think is one of its most important pieces of work ever – “Commercial and Contract Management: Insights and Emerging Best Practice”.


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Transport For London Wins Innovative Procurement Award – A Bright Future For London Underground

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Greenwich Symposium On Human Rights – The Public Procurement Roundtable (Part 1)

Peter Smith recounts a roundtable discussion with several alumni of the public procurement world.

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Greenwich Symposium On Human Rights – The Public Procurement Roundtable (Part 2)

Peter Smith provides the key comments made by the panel as they look toward the future.

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Temporary Labor Market – Insights from Europe

View this report to learn about the key levers for the acquisition of temporary labor professional services.

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Procura+ Awards – A Look at the Innovative Procurement Finalists

We look at the 2016 winners of the Procura+ Awards in Europe and how they are driving innovation and sustainability.

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A Toolbox For Challenging Procurements In Central Europe

A law firm provides a toolbox for companies navigating EU directives.

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Procurement: Friend Or Foe Of Innovation?

Peter Smith ponders with procurement can foster innovation, or if it too often stands in the way.

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What Does President Trump Mean For European Public Procurement?

A look at how some of Trump's campaign promises may shake out in Europe.'

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Defence Procurement: Why Don’t Nations Collaborate?

We look at the issues around countries sharing military procurement with a focus on a recent example from the Baltics.

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