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On the market intelligence page, you will find resources to help you better understand market trends, competitive landscapes and purchasing strategies that can lead to best outcomes.

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Market Intelligence Report for 2017: The VA

The federal marketplace is incredibly complex, so Public Spend Forum will be providing these market intelligence reports to shine a light on opportunities. In this report, we identify one of the agencies that promises to be most active this year, the Department of Veterans Affairs. 


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Good to Know

Procuring Personal Computers

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Featured Content

Purchasing Insights - Desktop Productivity

Market and purchasing insights on desktop productivity software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe and more.

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Buying Procurement Technology

If you're considering new procurement technology platforms to automate your purchasing processes, Thomas Kase provides some useful insights.

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Purchasing Insights - Food Services

Get a glimpse of possible acquisition and contracting strategies for food services.

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Purchasing IT: A Best Practices Report

Governments large and small continue to wrestle with how best to buy IT. This report presents practical advice for the most pressing problems.

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Purchasing Insights - Engineering Technical Services

Market and purchasing insights on engineering services such as compter aided design to testing and development of technical equipment.

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Purchasing Insights - Custodial Services

Learn about the market and potential ways to drive the most value when acquiring custodial services.

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Purchasing Insights - Printers and MFDs

Do you buy printers or multi-function devices? Glean data and market insights from this brief overview.

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Temporary Labor Market – Insights from Europe

View this report to learn about the key levers for the acquisition of temporary labor professional services.

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