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Bringing the best capabilities of suppliers is critical to helping governments solve problems. Our supplier resources will be built over time to make it easier for suppliers to navigate the public sector marketplace.

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GAO Bid Protest Report Finds Uptick in Sustained Challenges

The Government Accountability Office has released its annual report on protests challenging federal contracts. In 2016, the U.S. watchdog sustained twice as many protests as the previous year, despite only a slight uptick in filed protests.

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Building Healthy Buyer-Supplier Relationships

This report from the Institute for Public Procurement's National Business Council provides tips for building better relationships.

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Onvia Survey on Trends in U.S. Public Sector Market

Onvia, a business intelligence firm, surveyed over 500 public sector procurement professionals to better understand the dynamics of the marketplace.

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Should Contractors Help Cover Protest Costs?

There are two sides to this issue. Which side are you on, and how do you defend your position?

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Want to Do Business with the States? Check out NASPO

The National Association of State Procurement Officials is dedicated to advancing public procurement.

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Business Opportunities in Europe

This resource is a must for any business looking for opportunities in Europe.

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Op-Ed: Changing the Procurement Game

Is the federal acquisition process so convoluted that it skews the game in favor of specialists structured for the federal gridiron? 

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