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We specialize in deep market and supply chain intelligence tailored for public sector teams, suppliers, and investors. Our focus? Emerging technology market trends, supply/demand, risks, and investment insights. Whether it's through rapid on-demand research and consulting, comprehensive market briefs, or AI-powered analytics, we've got you covered.

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Solutions for Public Sector Innovation and Acquisition Teams, Investors and Market Facilitators

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It's a ton of work to put together this kind of data and research - time that I don't have a lot of. Instead I have this great resource and I can spend my time instead evaluating which one will get me the most bang for the buck.
Tanya Barham
CEO, Community Energy Labs
"Raj Sharma has started the next level in buyer-supplier intel. This is why PSF is a must for any buying organizations."
Daniel Finkenstad
Assistant Professor | Naval Postgraduate School
We've baked this into our ‘suite of available tools’ that our Business Intelligence office provides for our market intelligence efforts.
Peter A. Herrmann
Air Force Installation Contracting Agency at Wright-Patterson AFB
PSF's AI-MI [AI for Market Intelligence] analysis provided an expedient and holistic overview of a niche technology space for AFRL. There was immense value in PSF framing of industrial and academic technology developers, players, and potential transition partners for our application (in-space servicing).
Matt Witzeman
Senior Plans and Programs Engineer, Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
“This is some of the best work I’ve ever seen on government markets! Imagine, applying this same analysis to millions of grants to analyze impacts by region and peoples”.
Jason Saul
Executive Director, Center for Impact Sciences, University of Chicago
SBIR Report feedback: This is a terrific report. There are more than a handful of companies that would find this useful.
Lee Robinson
Defense Innovation Unit
"The PSF team has deep knowledge of the public sector and an innate understanding of buying behavior. This translates into hard data that can be acted upon, as well as contextual information that helps to build a bigger picture of central, state and local government buying needs and spend patterns."
Frederik Henriksen
Co-founder, Rensair

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