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We believe that $12 000 000 000 000spent by governments around the world can be put to better use to help people around the world

By combining AI, comprehensive market data and an open ecosystem, we are creating market transparency across an opaque market and reducing barriers to entry for emerging and diverse suppliers.

The result: buyers/suppliers connecting without friction. Lower costs. Faster cycle times. More Innovation. Big Impact!

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what we do

AI Enabled Supplier & Market Intelligence
Buyer and Supplier
Ecosystem & Community
Market Scouting,
Engagement & Advisory
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Who we serve


GovShop's opportunity datasets and expert teams have helped us quickly match to relevant opportunities and develop pursuit strategies through their unique insights. Their events and community has also been valuable in staying up to speed in the market and learning about needs of customers.
Nick Jewell
CEO Special Operations Supply
The sale we got through GovShop was a significant amount of revenue for us through a channel that didn’t exist. Without GovShop we wouldn’t have found the opportunity and capitalized on it.
Marry Lax
CEO of ClearVu Medical
I couldn’t be happier with my GovShop experience. They connected me to a bidding opportunity to supply PPE to a local Fire Department and I was notified that I won the bid a couple weeks later!
Jacob Dallek
Sales Representative at Aiden Health
As an advocate for SWaM Business Leaders, I am highly impressed with the knowledge and the obvious respect for content and quality content development.
PSF testimonial no photo
Small Biz Entrepreneur
I kept thinking to myself "wow this is great" numerous times throughout trying GovShop out! I am wildly impressed with the service and confident the community you all are building will bring immense value to contracting and private/public interaction in general.
PSF testimonial no photo
Kiliian Lennon
“Being the interface between need and fulfillment is critical. I am very pleased to be a part of this and wish to bring all of our current and future distributors to this "tool box" of connectivity.”
PSF testimonial no photo
Masterclass Cohort Attendee