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Public Spend Forum

A Market Intelligence and Procurement Innovation Platform and Ecosystem for Public Sector Markets Across the World

We envision an “open government market” where government programs and buyers can efficiently access the best solutions, the “right companies” for their needs, in a timely and cost-effective manner
Governments to quickly gain a comprehensive
understanding of markets and suppliers
Suppliers to efficiently gain access to most relevant government customers and opportunities

Our full suite of tools and services

Our solutions are designed to help government and suppliers
easily discover and engage with each other
Supplier Intelligence and Opportunity Matching Platform
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Market Research and Procurement Innovation Training and Services
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Procurement Innovation Community and Labs
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Public Spend Forum ecosystem

Ability to efficiently identify and research comprehensive set of suppliers
Support and coaching for teams to drive execution against strategic acquisition and procurement initiatives
Ability to interact and collaborate with like-minded leaders across government and with industry

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