About PSF

Our Vision

We envision an “open government market” where government programs and buyers can efficiently access the best solutions, the “right companies for their needs, in a timely and cost-effective manner.  Similarly, we envision a public sector market where small and emerging companies can efficiently navigate opportunities and stand out among the competition, solely based on their merits and not just who they know

Our Mission and What We Do

We are enabling open government markets by providing deep market intelligence and a set of tools and ecosystem services.  These include:

  • GovShop, a free supplier and contract intelligence platform for public sector through our FREE supplier intelligence platform,
  • Provide a set of market research support services, all available under a p-card level – Coming soon!
  • An ecosystem comprised of government, suppliers, academic institutions, experts, venture capital and more

Learn About Our Products

Stay tuned as we fine-tune our full suite of offerings and solutions ... coming January 2020!

Press Room

Please stay tuned as we organize our content.

Thanks for your patience.
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