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The Commercial Acquisition Resources: Examples, Roles, and References was developed jointly by the DCMA Commercial Item Group and the Defense Acquisition University and fills a gap in the learning assets we use to help educate and set expectations for both our industry partners and Government customers.  In visualizing the outcomes and potential benefits for this resource, we hope it will provide a valuable guide both for both Government and industry costumers, empowering parties to better collect and evaluate commercial data when making a commercial determination. By providing a narrative of examples that portray the types of information that can be used to support a commercial determination, contracting officers will be better prepared on what information is required from contractors, and what data would be beneficial to request. Correspondingly, contractors can use this resource to better recognize the type of information that can support their commercial assertions, which in turn should decrease the requests for information from the Government when conducting commercial analysis, and ultimately shorten time to award.

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