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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country in March 2020, Public Spend Forum got to work through its innovative supplier intelligence platform, GovShop. With over 1.8 million companies and more than 180 million data points, GovShop created the largest supply chain data set, helping governments rapidly identify companies providing solutions that were not yet on the radar. During a time when the demand for PPE was exceeding the supply, GovShop identified new and emerging businesses—increasing the supply base and vetting suppliers thoroughly under the guidance of the FBI to weed out any bad actors.

Now, GovShop is excited to announce the launch of a PPE and COVID-19 Tech Products marketplace, in collaboration with Fandes, an e-commerce marketplace. Through this marketplace, GovShop and Fandes are providing a growing list of PPE, testing kits, and COVID-19-related technology products from vetted suppliers, including competitive pricing and insights into product availability for urgent needs. Order fulfillment is provided by XPDEL, a nationwide network of eCommerce fulfillment centers.

Fandes and GovShop came together to create this marketplace out of a sense of duty. On learning that smaller hospitals in hard-to-reach areas of the country were facing price gouging and long delivery times in the face of the pandemic, they combined their expertise to solve the problem.

“This was a collaboration by multiple players with a common goal to provide quality PPE, with fast delivery, in any quantity, at low cost. GovShop spearheaded the initiative with and the products are shipped domestically by XPDEL, our network of eCommerce fulfillment centers ( This mission brought a lot of satisfaction to all of us in serving communities with the much-needed PPE,” said Manish Kapoor, Founder and CEO of XPDEL.

GovShop has supported the U.S. Air Force, the Army, American Hospitals Association, as well as states and cities across the country by fulfilling their PPE and testing kits requirements during the pandemic. Additionally, GovShop is part of the COVID-19 Joint Acquisition Task Force to support the acquisition execution of the Department of Defense’s COVID-19 response.

In continuing efforts to support the pandemic response, government agencies, hospitals, schools, businesses, and consumers can shop from GovShop’s vetted vendors, ensuring that products are safe, competitively priced, certified, and will be delivered quickly.

About GovShop

GovShop is a machine learning-driven supplier and opportunity intelligence platform transforming government procurement through market intelligence and matching technology. GovShop helps public sector buyers efficiently match suppliers to their opportunities and contracts. Not only enabling buyers to find the most qualified traditional and non-traditional suppliers, small or large, emerging or incumbent, but also driving innovation and meeting mission goals. Both buyers and suppliers can empower themselves through GovShop’s matching algorithms, leveraging best practices, a wide variety of resources, and a reliable global community of peers, experts, partner organizations, and academics in federal, state, and local governments.

About Fandes

Fandes is an e-commerce marketplace with a mission to provide high value and satisfaction to both buyers and sellers, while working with a network of select fulfillment and logistics providers that result in reliable service, outstanding experience, at the right cost. We take pride in enabling growth for sellers resulting in long-term partnerships and together we work hard to serve the buyers.

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