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What are some of the easiest and most effective ways to stay engaged with the government during the COVID-19 pandemic? In these unprecedented times, it may be difficult or unclear about how to keep up with government engagement goals. 

In line with Public Spend Forum’s core belief that the mitigation of barriers to entry for suppliers in the public sector market is essential, Public Spend Forum emphasizes these five simple ways to stay informed about modern issues in the public sector and to stay connected with buyers and suppliers in the governmental sphere.

1. Follow public sector buyers and trends on LinkedIn.

As the world’s largest professional social networking site, LinkedIn is a free and easy tool that enables users to connect with over 120 million professionals worldwide. LinkedIn not only allows members of the public sector to exchange ideas and opportunities, but also to discuss current events and increase engagement. An easy way to start the government engagement process on LinkedIn is by following Public Spend Forum and GovShop, where frequent posts are made regarding industry updates, helpful tips on public sector supply chain management, information about government contracting, and more.

Engage with public sector on LinkedIn and Twitter

2. See what public sector buyers and government officials are saying on Twitter.

Twitter differentiates its content from LinkedIn in that it allows users to share thoughts, news, ideas, and jokes related to the public sector in a more casual setting. Engaging with the government on Twitter is essential to staying informed and up-to-date with information that may not make it to LinkedIn. Follow Public Spend Forum and GovShop on Twitter to be the first to see the latest news on how COVID-19 is impacting the public sector, helpful tips and tricks for supply chain management, and the occasional government-related meme.

3. Attend industry events.

As networking becomes increasingly important in the public sector and increasingly computerized due to COVID-19, attending webinars and other social industry events are imperative for making connections and gaining powerful industry knowledge. The National Contract Management Association, the American Council for Technology-Industry Advisory Council, and the National Association of State Procurement Officials are just a few of the organizations that frequently host virtual industry events. Public Spend Forum’s past training sessions, webinars, and podcasts are available to view here.

public sector content marketing

4. Embrace content marketing.

Content marketing, as opposed to traditional marketing, focuses on the dissemination of frequent and relevant information to a specific demographic. In the public sector, content marketing can aid in the development of a more engaged and loyal audience by providing the valuable services of sharing information on industry strategies and current trends. Embracing content marketing is also essential for staying up-to-date on events in the public sector and maintaining professional connections. Access Public Spend Forum’s market research library here.

5. Be helpful to the organizations that you’re engaging with.

The COVID-19 pandemic is influencing the public sector just as much as it is influencing the rest of the nation and many organizations are being forced to quickly adapt to these unforeseen circumstances. In order to accommodate for these unprecedented adaptations and the stress that may be associated, a general guideline to follow when engaging with the government is to do ten favors before you ask for anything.

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