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The emergence of drone use in the public sector has initiated many new and creative uses for this technology, ranging from utilization in ports and shipping to agricultural use to assist in emergency responses. Read more about the increasing use of drones in a variety of public sector fields and how to procure these services in this SpendMatters feature.

Following the YPO’s announcement that they would be launching a new Drones and Associated Products and Services framework, the UK army has ordered “bug” drones that can record footage at up to 1.25 miles away. According to this article from Interesting Engineering, the UK army has acquired thirty of these compact drones, called “bug” drones, that are lightweight and capable of withstanding heavy winds. However, the introduction of drones presents new concerns regarding drone reliability and efficiency.

In order to mitigate these concerns, GovShop thoroughly vets suppliers to ensure that both federal standards and company standards are exceeded. As part of the ongoing effort of Public Spend Forum to connect buyers and suppliers in defense and in other regions of the public sector, GovShop’s list of verified weaponry suppliers can be accessed here and GovShop’s list of verified electronic equipment suppliers can be found here. GovShop also provides supplier research for drones and associated equipment.

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