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Recently, government agencies and programs have begun to realize that transparency would benefit their respective missions. The American public are more likely to support these agencies and programs if their agendas were more straight forward. In order to achieve this transparency, government agencies have recruited the help of many different businesses to craft clear-cut strategies looking toward the future. These agencies include the Department of Housing and Development and the Office of Government Ethics, to name a few.

One way that these agencies are working towards transparency is through businesses that allow them to receive feedback from their employees. The Department of Housing and Development has also encouraged businesses to help the agency to restructure itself in the way that Trump has required.[1] The Office of Government Ethics has asked for advice from business contractors concerning how it could increase its efficiency and transparency. The agency has begun to take steps towards greater public engagement in response to the advice it was given.[2]

Transparency is becoming more and more intertwined with efficiency within the business and government sectors. This is the time for companies to work with the government to achieve better functionality. In doing so, these companies could support the message behind mid-tier advocacy. Medium sized businesses can be contracted by government agencies to increase overall efficiency. With increasing assistance from companies, support for mid-tiers can grow in response.



By: Hollyn Walters

Image Courtesy of Pexels

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