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Transparency International describes how technology can greatly improve public procurement, emphasizing benefits in integrity/corruption, market competition, transparency, and information access .  As Technology International states in the introduction of this report:

“Information and communication technology has been increasingly used by governments in the acquisition of goods and services, the allocation of contracts to bidders and in contract management (e-procurement). The benefits of e-procurement are many and include improvements in market access and competition, promotion of integrity, reduced information costs; easier access to information, and increased transparency and accountability, among others. In this context, e-procurement also has the capacity to prevent and reduce the opportunities for corruption in the different stages of public procurement”.

In addition, this report provides 3 case studies on how technology has been deployed to improve public procurement and realize the key benefits stated in this report – the country case studies include:

  • Albania
  • Georgia
  • South Korea

Full Report:Transparency International

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