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State and local governments use cooperative purchasing agreements to speed up procurement, leverage the buying power of government as a whole, accomplish more with fewer resources, and find the best suppliers. However, researching and finding the right coops can be challenging and time-consuming.

A key challenge government procurement professionals have mentioned to us is that they are unaware of the various cooperatives out there. And ideally, they would like to be able to identify multiple cooperative contracts (across cooperative organizations) to evaluate based on a search for the product or service they are planning to buy.

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GovShop has created an easy to search library of cooperative agreements and related suppliers so government professionals can efficiently discover the agreements and suppliers for their purchases. We have started with an initial set of national cooperatives, which we identified based on feedback from government professionals and public procurement experts on commonly used cooperatives. We will be continually expanding this list of cooperatives over the coming months based on ongoing feedback and input from the public procurement community.

Here is a listing of the initial set of cooperatives we will have available on GovShop.  Collectively, these cooperatives cover nearly 2,000 suppliers across dozens of product/service categories.

Initial Listing (Alphabetically) of National Cooperatives on GovShop Library of Cooperative Agreements

Buyboard Choice Partners Purchasing Cooperative E&I Cooperative Services
HGAC Buy NASPO ValuePoint National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance
National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance NPPGov Purchasing Cooperative of America
Sourcewell U.S. Communities

Visit GovShop today and see what cooperative agreements are available! For a deeper dive, watch our webinar on how to use GovShop to discover cooperative procurement contracts.

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