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Thursday at 12 EST join our four public sector innovators in a free online panel:

So how do we know an innovator when we see one?

They create an environment where innovation is welcomed – they ensure that individuals feel empowered, new ideas are nurtured, and failure trying something new is accepted as a blueprint to stimulate the next breakthrough.

They solve for the cause not the symptom – they dig through the layers, think about the the system, they consider constraints, resources and options to find the true capabilities of the organizations.

They are curious – they ask why, they can differentiate between positions and interests, and find creative solutions through helping light up the path.

They have vision – they see what can be, they call their team to purpose, and create space for team members to find their passion in delivering this purpose,

They are resilient – the mission calls them to purpose, the passion for the results gives them the strength to push through and come back for more.

In public service, whether the CAO, the CIO, the procurement officer, or department leaders, innovators advance a mission to serve a noble purpose.

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