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What if I told you that in 2010, the Department of Defense built its fastest supercomputer for 1/10th the cost of comparable machines? And what if I told you the team responsible for building it didn’t have tons of time and resources, just a bunch of old PlayStation 3s?

Welcome to your new favorite innovation subculture: Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained & Elegant, or FIRE for short.

We’ve got several ways for you to learn more about FIRE right here in the Open Global Community. They all feature author and Lieutenant Colonel Dan Ward, USAF, Ret., sharing experiences and stories from a 20+ year career as an acquisition officer leading high speed, low cost technology development programs.

Those ready to start the journey should check out our free learning path, The Tao of FIRE, where we’ve curated video, audio, and written resources into a guided learning experience that you can take right at your desk. By completing the learning path, you’ll gain an appreciation for the values of FIRE through examples, heuristics, and some hard data for good measure.

To hear directly from Dan Ward himself, join us on October 27, 2016 at 12pm eastern time for “Simply Innovation,” a one hour webinar where we will examine the characteristics of cheap winners & expensive losers, discover heuristics for mastering tradecraft, and appreciate why autonomy and innovation is strongest in small projects. The webinar will also walk participants through two exercises they can do today to introduce FIRE tactics into their daily job roles, so register today and join us on October 27th!

We can all use a dose of simplicity in our lives. take the first step towards enlightenment by educating yourself in the ways of FIRE!

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