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We are back with new episodes of the Public Impact Podcast, the only podcast telling stories of success and innovation in the public sector. These are stories that you won’t always read in the newspaper, but that need to shared and celebrated.

Like our episode this week, about creating a 21st century government using technology as a platform to serve all stakeholders. Our guest is Jay Nath, Chief Innovation Officer for the City of San Francisco. The work he and his colleagues have done to make government a better service provider and a viable customer for entreprenuers the world over offers practical lessons for any professional.

Highlights of this story include:

  • The influence that open data had on Jay’s civil service journey
  • The promise and benefits of government as a platform
  • The global movement behind San Francisco’s Startup In Residence program
  • Practical advice for public sector change agents

We know you will enjoy this week’s story, and many thanks to Jay Nath for sharing it with us. It you have ideas for a future episode, feedback on what we’re doing, or questions for any past guest, drop us a note at or on twitter @PSpendForum.

We love to hear from our listeners, so don’t be shy.

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