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Did you know you can earn continuous learning credits by publishing content like blog posts and articles to the Open Global Community? Check with your career manager and confirm your writing goals and topic of interest, then use our criteria to qualify your contributions for professional credits.

Featured research is vital to any community and critical for professional development. For any effort that requires four hours or more of research and writing, we will award four continuous learning credits.

Blog posts are helpful to share announcements and test ideas with a friendly audience to gain useful feedback. For every four blog posts you publish, we will award one continuous learning credit.

Discussion threads and comments are an example of continuous learning because they connect you with other professionals in your sector. One post or comment equals 0.10 learning credit, so post ten threads or comments and earn one credit.

For more information or help with justifying your eligibility to learning managers and supervisors, feel free to connect with Frank McNally to get the support you need.

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