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It’s true: my boss Raj Sharma hates networking. That statement may raise a few eyebrows, but stick with me for a second, because what he really hates is the term and its implications. To Raj, “networking” implies a numbers game of quid pro quo transactions that looks good on paper. But what value does a vast network actually provide if its predicated on “this for that” mechanics?

In our latest video short, Raj describes a distinction between networking as a numbers-driven activity and his desire to build genuine relationships. Of course, networking in practice provides the opportunity to build relationships, but only if you approach it with the right intentions. For example, Raj has built a tremendous network of valuable relationships, people with whom he can engage and collaborate in a mutual beneficial manner.

For anyone who wants to learn how to create a more valuable network, Raj offers four techniques he has honed throughout his successful career. Take five minutes to watch his video and learn from one of the best!

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