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Governments at all levels are grappling with the need to invest in new technologies and modernize their legacy systems. But lack of resources and capital investment dollars can often prevent that from happening. Vendors are ready to take risks and put more “skin in the game.”

Share-in-Savings contracts are the way for government to capitalize on vendor interest and capital. Share-in-Savings and incentive-based contracting methods are not new, but until recently they hadn’t been fully considered through the lens of modern software delivery practices. With these new tools at our disposal, we just might unshackle agency budgets from their operations and maintenance chains.

Whether you’re an IT program manager or a contracting/procurement professional, join our expert panel to find out the best practices and ins and outs on how to make Share-in-Savings contracts work.

Recorded live on Thursday, October 26th, 2017 and produced by Public Spend Forum. Featuring special guests Syed Azeem, Dr. Kenneth Buck, Chris Cairns, Dr. Steve Kelman, and Dr. Robert Read.

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