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Last week we re-launched our podcasting channel with a new series called Public Procurement Leaders. In each episode, Chairman and CEO of Public Spend Forum Raj Sharma sits down with leaders from the public and private sector to get their perspectives and insights.
Given our recent work around Procurement Technology and e-Procurement, and the fact that last week’s guest Gary Lambert participated in our October 2017 Public Procurement Technology Symposium, we wanted to call out this clip of Gary sharing his advice and expertise for public procurement professionals who are about to embark on the journey to buying procurement technology.

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Listen as Gary emphasizes the need to understand your organization’s business needs prior to doing anything else. Once the core e-procurement technology need is boiled down to its essence, you can better understand the unique nuances and specific needs of your customer(s).
Finally, don’t let price be a key driver. At the end of the day, says Gary, the price differences are pretty nominal; its at the margins of feature and functionality that you’ll find best value. 
We hope you find the clip as informative as we do. Check out the full podcast episode and subscribe to our SoundCloud channel to hear more expert advice from Raj Sharma and the public procurement leaders he interviews!
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