Want to Create Value through Post-Award Management? Don't Ignore Supplier Relationships.

By Frank McNally posted 05-01-2018 17:33

Webinar for Supplier Resource Management from Public Spend Forum and State of Flux

Contracting for goods and services is a primary part of public procurement, so it's no surprise that outsourcing is a multi-billion dollar global industry. But while much attention is given to the pre-award phases of the acquisition lifecycle, post-award management is as critical to delivering value and outcomes as a well crafted solicitation.

One way to excel in the post-award phase is to develop a collaborative, mutually beneficial relationship with your suppliers, especially those working on key programs that impact mission delivery. This is something the best companies and organizations in the world will actively pursue, and the public sector should be no different.

This is why we are excited about our upcoming webinar, Creating Public Sector Value Through Supplier Relationship Management. We’re thrilled to be partnering with State of Flux, a global procurement and supply chain consultancy that wants to help procurement organizations expand their horizons when it comes to delivering strategic value to the organization. State of Flux has been conducting global research on Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) for the past 9 years, collecting feedback and findings from over 1800 public and private sector organisations. You can learn more about their perspectives from any one nine books they have written on the subject of SRM, or you can join us for this free webinar and hear directly from State of Flux’s chairman Alan Day.

During this free webinar, we’ll discuss how organizations can adopt an “entrepreneurial” mindset for SRM while we review the results from State of Flux’s Global SRM Research. Participants will learn about the six pillars of SRM as defined by State of Flux and hear characteristics of procurement organizations that perform at the highest and lowest levels.

Register today and be a part of procurement’s evolution to a strategic partner for every organization!

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