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A Look at my Five Favorite Procurement Technology Contractors From the NCMA World Congress 2018 Exhibition Floor

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recently completed an awesome week in Cleveland at the National Contract Management Association’s World Congress 2018. We were there to debut GovShop, a one stop shop for free government contracting market research. If you attended this year’s conference, hopefully you got a chance to come by our booth and meet our team (or at least saw the GovShop homepage through Public Spend Forum’s sponsorship of the WiFi!).

GovShop is a free, browser-based search engine that helps contracting professionals find the top government contractors in the public sector. Having put much time and effort into GovShop over the past year, we were thrilled to share it with our fellow contracting professionals at NCMA and at our exhibition boot, and got great feedback from everyone we met.

GovShop is an easy-to-use platform built to help public sector buyers conduct market and supplier research.

This was my third World Congress, and one of my favorite parts of the event has always been walking the exhibition floor, talking to colleagues and discovering companies in the hall. I meet so many people, teams, and startups with amazing new products and features to improve public procurement that I just had to share some of the companies that left an impression on me in Cleveland.

In no particular order, here are my favorite procurement technology companies I discovered at NCMA World Congress 2018.


Ivalua is a customer-focused procurement technology company with a “98%+ customer retention rate,” and a laundry list of other positive features. They offer a fully digitized procurement platform that makes it simple and fast to complete contracting tasks. The company prides itself on their quality of data that allows for more accurate and timely analysis of the incoming sources related to your business.

With set packages for various business needs, Ivalua lets organizations choose the best way to suit their unique needs and business processes. The company’s Source-to-Pay suite, which is recognized as a leader by industry analysts Gartner and Forrester, is used by over 250 companies across the globe to manage over $500 billion in direct and indirect spend, according to their website.

In Their Own Words:

The [Ivalua] platform’s combination of ease-of-use, depth, breadth and flexibility ensures high employee and supplier adoption, rapid time to value and the ability to meet unique or evolving requirements, evidenced by the industry’s leading 98%+ retention rate.

Learn More About Ivalua:

Visit Ivalua on the Web:

Development Consultants Incorporated (DCI)

Development Consultants Incorporated (DCI) is an IT company that provides computer and network engineering services to private and public sector customers. They list their core competencies as cloud computing security, design, architecture, and engineering professionals services.  They have an impressive list of credentials with an ITIL (ISO 20000) compliant Service Desk, Amazon Web Services Consulting Partners and AWS authorized Channel Resellers in public, hybrid, and government community cloud deployment models.

An SBA certified woman-owned small business (WOSB), DCI has relevant past experience in the federal marketplace, with a specialization in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Crime Information Center, Criminal Justice Information Services, and the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System. DCI also holds several government-wide acquisition contracts for convenient, expedient ordering.

In Their Own Words:

We specialize in cloud security compliance and governance for national defense, homeland security, immigration, customs, criminal justice, and law enforcement information systems. We are Amazon Web Services Consulting Partners and AWS authorized Channel Resellers in public, hybrid, and government community development models. We provide comprehensive ITIL (ISO 2000) compliant Service Desk staffed 24×7 to handle all our customers’ service and asset management needs.

Learn More About DCI:

Visit DCI On the Web:


M-Files offers a cloud-based, out-of-box solution for automating contract management and enforcing contract compliance. One of their claims to fame is an ability to minimize the confusion that often happens with accumulating files and data.
M-Files Contract Management automates contract management and enforces contract compliance
The M-Files team has created a system coined the “Intelligent Metadata Layer” to simplify data management, delivering a “simple, unified experience for intelligently finding, accessing and managing information residing within any system, without disturbing existing processes and the users that depend on them.”

In Their Own Words:

M-Files Contract Management is a complete, purpose-built, cloud solution for the creation, review, approval, and disposition of contracts to drive consistency, transparency and accountability throughout your contract process.

Visit M-Files on the Web:

Learn More About M-Files with this Guided Tour:

PROPRICER™, an Executive Business Services Product

PROPRICER is the “#1 proposal pricing and cost analysis software used by government contractors and federal agencies,” and is part of the Executive Business Services technology suite. PROPRICER’s Government Edition, designed specifically for the needs of Federal Agencies, helps contracting professionals execute evaluation and award strategies by providing “comprehensive IGCE functionality, contractor data visibility from multiple offerors and extensive reporting capabilities.”

The Government Edition of PROPRICER™ has cost and pricing scenarios that help evaluation teams create complex “what-if” scenarios, fully loaded forward-pricing rate comparisons and sophisticated cost estimating relationships. Users can also create custom reports for briefings and analyses, which helps to reduce risk and save time during the contract award process.   keeps a consistent stream of bidders and offers regulated to achieve the best results for your company. They maintain that they can help with both large and small business endeavors, and help manage them effectively.

In Their Own Words:

PROPRICER™ has become the industry-leading proposal pricing solution because we listen to our customers. Our team is responsive to our customers’ needs by developing product innovations, features, and enhancements to help them save time and create proposals with efficiency and accuracy.

Learn More About PROPRICER’s Parent Company, Executive Business Services:
Visit PROPRICER on the Web:

PotomacWave Consulting

PotomacWave Consulting is a woman-owned small business with a well-rounded list of services and offerings that can help push your agency to new heights. A winner of a DHS Small Business Achievement Award, PotomacWave has experience with Information Technology and Financial Management that will help bring a clear vision to your business propositions. One tool with specific relevance for public sector contracting professionals is FedDataCheck, a subscription-based tool that helps decrease Federal Procurement Data System data entry errors.

Some of the benefits of FedDataCheck include its instant feedback delivered through automated email alerts, the ad-hoc reporting capabilities delivered through its web-based dashboard, the ability to automate workflow, and its assistance in helping agencies get credit for small business participation goals. But PotomacWave isn’t just a technology services company, they offer management consulting and other professional services as well, and hold multiple GWACs and multi-agency ordering vehicles listed on their website.

In Their Own Words:

Founded in 2007, PotomacWave is a highly-qualified, Woman-Owned Small Business professional services company supporting DoD, the Intelligence Community, DHS, FBI, and numerous civilian agencies. PotomacWave specializes in mission-critical program management support including Financial Management, Information Technology and Cybersecurity, and Intelligence Analysis and Operations.

Visit PotomacWave on the Web:

Learn More About PotomacWave:

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