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Let’s say you’re a government contracting professional with an opportunity to step outside the ordinary and try one of the innovative acquisition methods to procure emerging technologies. 

You and your customer are excited about introducing emerging technologies into your program and there’s real energy around pushing the boundaries on the solutions you’re preparing to buy. You know the traditional government contractors are going to be in the mix, but you want to encourage startups and small businesses with little to no past performance to get involved as well. 

Afterall, sometimes innovative solutions have to be delivered by companies unbiased by the government’s process and experience. So, what do you do? How do you find companies that aren’t necessarily trying to be found? This was a central question in our recent webinar, How to Find Emerging Technology Suppliers

Whether you’re buying Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions, Space Tech, or Drones and Unmanned Systems, the process of researching the emerging technologies marketplace can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Google is a great resource, and a search for emerging technology companies yields a lot of listicle-style articles with featured companies handpicked by the publication’s editorial staff.

How to Find Government Contractors Who Deliver Emerging Technologies

Government professionals know that’s no way to perform market research. Not to say the articles aren’t worth reading (they are, especially for strategic market research), but there’s a lot of space between what these articles tell about a company and what contracting professionals are actually looking for (category codes, available contract vehicles, past experience and DUNS numbers for example). 

This is the primary reason we created GovShop: to help contracting professionals get straight to the information they need to conduct market research. Every supplier profile on GovShop is designed to convey the crucial information that procurement professionals need to know about a company. And because our mission is to create open government markets, we knew we could make an impact by supporting the emerging technologies marketplace so all companies with services to offer have a better chance at competing. 

We started by categorizing all the companies we found during our market discovery process into a logical, capabilities-based schema. The result of that effort is a single Emerging Technologies market page, a simple to use database where contracting professionals can easily search and filter companies mapped to each category in our schema using GovShop’s modern search interface. We also designed filters specifically for government market research; there’s a filter for firms registered to do business with the government, one for socioeconomic designation, and even one for filtering based on companies with prior awards from the Small Business Innovation Research program. 

We dedicated a majority of the webinar to showing attendees how they can use GovShop’s Emerging Technologies market page, but we’ve also got a shorter tutorial for anyone who’s ready to jump right into market research. GovShop is free and easy to use, and with no software to download or licenses to buy, you can get started right away!

examples of markets with deeper intelligence on GovShop

If you’d like to learn more about what GovShop can do for your market research needs, or to learn how a free supplier profile can help your business stand out in a crowd, we’d love to talk to you. Our customer care team is standing by, and ready to answer any questions you have. Just click on this link to schedule a time that works well for you and your team.

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