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The World Bank is about to roll out its 2017 Global Public Procurement Benchmarking Report. It will be presented on December 5 at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC:


About Benchmarking Public procurement

Benchmarking Public Procurement focuses on legal and regulatory environments that affect the ability of private sector companies to do business with governments. It aims to promote evidence-based decision making by governments and to build evidence in areas where few empirical data have been presented so far.

This year’s publication presents comparable data on public procurement laws and regulations across 180 economies, offering data to fuel academic research, help governments assess the performance of their legal and regulatory procurement system, and deliver a unique information tool to the private sector and civil society.

Benchmarking Public Procurement 2017 builds on the lessons learned from two previous data collection cycles and their consecutive analysis and reports:

  • Benchmarking Public Procurement 2015 which covered 10 economies (Afghanistan, Chile, Ghana, Jordan, Mexico, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, and the United States). Data was also collected later in the Russian Federation.[i]
  • Benchmarking Public Procurement 2016 which expanded geographical coverage to include 77 economies in seven regions.[ii]

Two thematic pillars are covered by this year’s publication:

  1. The procurement process, from the needs assessment to the implementation of the procurement contract.
  2. The public procurement complaint mechanisms.

The indicators zero in on eight key areas of the public procurement process.

  1. Needs assessment, call for tender, and bid preparation
  2. Bid submission phase
  3. Bid opening, evaluation, and awarding phase
  4. Content and management of the procurement contract
  5. Performance guarantee
  6. Payment of suppliers
  7. Complaints submitted to the first-tier review body before the awarding of the contract
  8. Complaints submitted to the second-tier review body before the awarding of the contract

Panel discussion

The launch event will provide panelists with a unique opportunity to share insights on their country and institution’s public procurement regulations and practices. Whereas the launch is aimed at highlighting findings from the Benchmarking Public Procurement 2017 report, it will be an avenue for a broader discussion on the latest trends in the global public procurement sphere.


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