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With many mid-tier suppliers providing technology to the Pentagon, and weapons systems, this latest report from theDefense Science Board is particularly disturbing.

According to the report, and as reported on cyberscoop, most of the U.S. military’s weapons systems were built without any protections from cyberattacks on hardware components, and evidence exists that some components have already been fitted with digital backdoors, meaning an enemy could make them fail in a real conflict.
The Defense Science Board published the results of research by its Task Force on Cyber Supply Chain, concluding that despite the risk, the capital cost of building and maintaining a DoD-owned “foundry” to make its own microchips “is not a feasible expense.”

The task force warns in stark terms that current weapons systems may already have been back-doored, meaning they would be useless — or worse — in a shooting war.

To read this report, and how mid tier suppliers are being affected, click here.

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