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GAO’s authority to hear protests of orders awarded under civilian-agency IDIQs expired with the last fiscal year. In Analytic Strategies (B-413758.2), the protester argues GAO has jurisdiction over an order on GSA’s OASIS, “because the task order contemplated here will provide services to a Department of Defense (DoD) agency; will be funded by DoD; and incorporates various DoD regulations.”

Not so fast, says GAO:

As set forth above, however, there is no dispute that the task order at issue here will be issued under a civilian agency IDIQ, or that these protests were filed after September 30. The protesters’ arguments that we have jurisdiction … because of DoD’s role in these procurements are misplaced.

So, protests of task orders issued on civilian-agency vehicles including MACs and GWACS, even if intended for DOD, are out. Note this doesn’t apply to orders on GSA Schedules, for which protests of awards of any size are still allowed.

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