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Forwarding Public Spend Forum’s mission to create open government markets, our supplier intelligence, GovShop, allows buyers and suppliers to connect more easily through better market and supplier research. With this platform, we’re working to lower barriers to entry, support better public procurement outcomes, and provide a valuable tool to assist with more effective market research. Below are four creative ways to interact and engage with GovShop and our various resources!

1. Create a GovShop account to get access to all the features and be added to our weekly newsletter distribution list. Once a week, subscribers receive a newsletter highlighting innovative suppliers, trends in government procurement, and leading best practices for better market research. In addition, buyers and suppliers gain access to a database that displays over 2,000 contract vehicles and over 1.9 million suppliers. There are also quick video tutorials that provide insights on all the ways to leverage GovShop.

2. For suppliers, claim your company’s GovShop profile so you can update the information with the most up-to-date data. This improves search results for government buyers searching for your products or services. You also get the chance to participate in our weekly tech showcase series where we spotlight innovative suppliers across various markets. Additionally, supplier tech showcases are shared on GovShop’s social media platforms so you can build relationships with interested buyers.

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3. Attend or watch recorded webinars, conferences, and events to learn from leading experts and market leaders. Our YouTube channel includes recorded webinars that benefit both buyers and suppliers looking to improve procurement outcomes. Additionally, these events provide an opportunity to network with other companies, agencies, and associations. You can learn more about upcoming events online!

4. Download catalogs, resources guides, and read articles on our blog. Our posts are devoted to the use of the GovShop ecosystem, market research, and other points of interest relevant to public procurement. Additionally, Public Spend Forum’s Market Research Library is very extensive with over 1,000 blog posts, webinars, and podcasts ranging from procurement resources to strategy and leadership exercises. 

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