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WASHINGTON, Nov. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Public Spend Forum (PSF), a global community and knowledge network for public procurement and the public sector market, announced today that Dr. Steve Kelman has joined its Board of Advisors.

Dr. Kelman, a leading expert on public procurement and public sector management, currently serves as a Weatherhead Professor of Public Management at the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government, and has served in the White House as Administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy in the Office of Management and Budget. With more than 30 years of experience in public management, Dr. Kelman was awarded the 2010 American Political Science Association Gaus Prize for his lifetime of achievement.

“Dr. Steve Kelman brings an enormous amount of insight and credibility into how public procurement, public sector organizations and public sector markets operate,” said Raj Sharma, founder of the Public Spend Forum. “His wisdom, advice and participation will benefit the entire global public procurement and public sector community in driving more results and value through trillions of dollars that are spent by governments all over the world.”

PSF, a global community and knowledge network for public procurement, recently launched its community portal as a way to connect government professionals, suppliers and other stakeholders so they can collectively drive improvements. In his role, Dr. Kelman will advise PSF on overall growth of its global community, share perspectives with public sector leaders and stakeholders on how to transform public procurement, and participate in global convenings.

Dr. Kelman shared his enthusiasm and vision for his role on the Board of Advisors, as well as for the mission of PSF. “I’m excited to join leaders such as Governor O’Malley on the Public Spend Forum board. I believe PSF’s mission of using community and knowledge to improve the way public procurement and the public sector markets work is a noble one and one that can have substantial benefit for society as a whole.”

Dr. Kelman will join former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, Rangita De Silva De Alwis from University of Pennsylvania and Jason Saul from Northwestern University on the PSF Board of Advisors.

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Public Spend Forum is a global community and knowledge network for public procurement and the public sector market. Through collaboration with the network and use of knowledge resources, the PSF platform enables government professionals and suppliers to deliver value faster, align buyer/suppliers, reduce costs and improve the overall performance of the system.

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