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Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD) is the third largest school district in Kansas. It serves approximately 28,000 students and has 4,100 teachers and staff that work in the district’s 33 elementary schools, five middle schools, one alternative site and five high schools.

SMSD was in the process of transitioning from a print-heavy environment to digital learning. A key part of this challenge was managing the demand and costs of printing. SMSD set out to overhaul their computing and printing environment in collaboration with a supplier partner. Their results of this effort included:

  • “50 percent drop in printing, $750,000 hard cost/paper savings
  • 90 percent fewer printer service calls, shift to mobile IT support
  • Over 5,000 trees saved, 90 percent reduced carbon footprint
  • Revitalized print center, digital learning success”

Read the full case study to learn more.

Full Case Study: U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance Direct Link

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