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Jesse and Sevie sat down with Public Spend Forum’s Frank McNally for this latest episode of the Public Impact Podcast, and I have to say, this episode was a huge honor for us to put together. Jesse and Sevie talked about how their experience in the military—and in particular the hardship Jesse faced—bonded them together in the development of Bidview.
When they moved back to Texas, they saw that procurement and acquisition problems weren’t unique to the military, that Texas companies were missing out on opportunities to work with the government, and the government was signing contracts with out-of-state businesses because they weren’t getting bids from within the state.

Bidview changes all of that, bringing high quality opportunities to you, each day. Public Spend Forum readers will remember that Bidview is on the leading edge of a new trend. But what struck me most about this story wasn’t the creation of the app, the founders’ entrepreneurial spirit, or the way they saw a problem and created a solution that directly addresses it. It’s the founders’ genuine, moving desire to serve their country.

As Longoria told us: “We’re a veteran company, we all served. And we all definitely want to continue serving, it’s something that’s within us. We just want to keep giving back as much as we can.”

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