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It’s no secret that procurement technology can have a major impact on how public organizations perform. It’s a topic we’ve written about over the last couple years, and it’s one we’ve seen crop up in a variety of news stories of late. Often, the news stories, like so many, focus on what can go wrong, but what are the root benefits of adopting best-in-class procurement technology? Why are so many public sector organizations turning to technology to help them with things like performance and measurement? And what are the tech adoption challenges that lead to stories like the ones mentioned above.

On Thursday, September 29th, Public Spend Forum, alongside our sponsor Coupa, presented a webinar on “How Technology Can Improve Public Procurement.” In the one-hour webinar, we’ll walk through why so many organizations—from the smallest municipalities to the largest federal agencies—are looking toward procurement solutions to improve their effectiveness and efficiency and, to achieve their desired outcomes. Public Spend Forum Advisor and Azul Partners Chief Research Officer Pierre Mitchell will walk through important research that shows state and local governments turning to technology more and more, and how organizations are using technology to support key outcomes. And then Max Goralnick, senior manager for Deloitte Consulting, will present a case study that illustrates technology’s benefits.

If you’re in the public procurement space and you’re curious about how make your work more efficient, how to avoid some of the pitfalls of tech adoption, or how other agencies have used technology to improve their own performance, watch it now!

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