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It’s difficult to keep track of all of the news published that impacts the public sector market every day. That’s why the Public Spend Forum Newswire captures and synthesizes the new policies, regulations, thought leadership and legislation that is changing and influencing your job. Here are a few highlights from today’s Newswire.Subscribe today to receive all of the stories from this edition.

DoD Struggling with Security of Supply Chain

Dan Payne, director of the Defense Security Service, said foreign intelligence services are working to get inside the Pentagon’s supply chain to steal U.S. technology, according to Bloomberg. “Right now, we are facing a counterintelligence threat that is unprecedented in our history,” said Dan Payne, director of the Defense Security Service. “It’s bigger than anything we’ve ever faced before. We’re in a knife fight, and most people don’t know it.”

Court of Federal Claims Doesn’t Extend Kingdomware Ruling

The U.S. Court of Federal Claims has denied a protest that sprung from the recent Kingdomware vs. U.S. case, which required the Department of Veterans Affairs to apply its “Rule of Two” policy to task orders, in addition to contracts. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) had issued a solicitation for an indefinite delivery-indefinite quantity contract that considered the contract and its task orders one “project” when it came to past performance evaluations. The company had tried to submit 10 task orders for its past performance.

Contractor Pays $2.7 Million for Falsifying Tests

Air Industries Corporation (AIC) has paid the United States $2.7 million to resolve allegations that it falsely certified it had performed required inspections on aerospace parts used in military aircraft, spacecraft and missiles used by the Department of Defense. AIC makes bolts, screws and aerospace fasteners and sold them to the government without proper testing. The case was brought to the Department of Justice by a whistleblower.

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