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We so often hear about how difficult it is for the Department of Defense to work with smaller or newer businesses, that it’s often easy to write off any potential working relationship as dead in the water. But that’s exactly why the Pentagon created the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx), to break down those barriers and develop new ways to work with businesses that would never typically think of the DoD as a customer.

But in this latest episode of the Public Impact Podcast, Raj Shah, managing partner of DIUx, makes a great case for DoD and DIUx specifically as an attractive customer for businesses. Shah discusses the origins of the unit, its venture approach to funding new technologies, and as he says, embracing the “art of the possible,” in terms of getting the most advanced technologies to the DoD.

Shah and Shelly have a wide-ranging conversation that includes a discussion of what successes the unit has seen so far, how the unit is prioritizing speed, and Shah’s long-term vision for the unit (hint: if all goes well, there won’t be a long term.

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