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Republicans Issue Resolution to Repeal Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Rule

Republicans in the House and Senate issued a joint resolution of disapproval yesterday to block President Barack Obama’s “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces” executive order, which required federal contractors bidding on contracts valued over $500,000 to report any labor law violations in the last three years. The rule enforcing the order had been blocked by a judge at the end of 2016, and contractors have often spoken out against the rule, calling it a “blacklisting rule.” The resolution was filed under the Congressional Review Act, which gives lawmakers 60 legislative days to repeal a rue after it’s finalized.

President Trump Institutes “2 for 1” Regulation Rule

President Donald Trump signed an executive order yesterday known colloquially as the “1 in, 2 out” rule, meaning agencies had to revoke two regulations for every new one they wanted to put in place. According to The Hill, “Starting in 2018, the order calls on the director of the White House Office of Management and Budget to give each agency a budget for how much it can increase regulatory costs or cut regulatory costs.” The rule does make exceptions for emergency cases.

New Mexico Legislators Question Non-Competitive Bidding

The State of New Mexico’s Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) and its Program Evaluation Unit has raised questions about state organizations’ contracts that are awarded without competitive bidding. The committee especially highlighted charter schools, which spent millions on non-competitive contracts. According to the LFC, nearly half of the state’s charter schools of keeping outdated purchase orders or not getting competitive bids for large purchases.

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