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GAO Find “Little Evidence” of Purchase Card Fraud

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has published a new report, finding there is “little evidence” of fraud in buyers’ use of purchase cards, but that documentation issues still exist, which could make potential fraud difficult to track. GAO found that 22 percent of transactions government-wide did not have complete documentation to substantiate the transactions’ approval process.

Deltek Estimates Large Loss in Federal Workforce Due to Hiring Freeze

Research firm, Deltek estimates that the 90-day federal hiring freeze ordered by President Trump could impact 19,000 jobs. The freeze is intended to shrink the federal workforce through attrition. Deltek estimated 673,000 employees are vulnerable to the freeze, and that the freeze should lead to a large increase in contracting.

Court of Federal Claims Sides with Company in USDA Protest

The U. S. Court of Federal Claims has sided with Active Network, LLC in a protest challenging a United States Department of Agriculture award. The court claimed the agency did not conduct a proper price realism analysis, as laid out in the solicitation. The court noted that the decision “itself does not contain a satisfactory price realism analysis. It merely mentions the price of each offeror in the competitive range.”

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