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President Trump Issues Executive Order to Implement Regulatory Reform Agenda

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order requiring all agencies, within 60 days, to designate an official as its Regulatory Reform Officer (RRO). The RRO would then oversee implementation of the president’s regulatory reform policies, including the recent executive order requiring agencies to offset the number and cost of new regulations by repealing other regulations on the books. Each agency will have to create a Regulatory Reform Task Force to evaluate existing regulations and make recommendations for their repeal, replacement or modification.

President Trump Readies Budget that Will Boost Defense, Cut from Others

President Trump will propose a new budget that will increase defense spending by 10%, or $54 billion, while cutting the same amount from other agencies, according to the Washington Post. The budget will have a national security focus, and will greatly reduce foreign aid, according to the report, though specifics have not yet been named. One anonymous official in the Office of Management and Budget told the Post that most agencies would see “substantial reductions” in their budgets.

DHS Takes First Step to Building Border Wall

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has published a notice that it will release a formal solicitation on March 6 “for the design and build of several prototype wall structures in the vicinity of the United States border with Mexico.” The solicitation will be the first step toward fulfilling President Donald Trump’s campaign promise of building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. DHS will seek a concept paper of prototypes by March 10, and then a select group of offerors will be invited to submit according to a formal request for proposal, planned for release on March 24.

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