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DoD Hits on Contracting Innovation

Jason Miller of Federal News Radio reports that a procurement innovation that got its start at the Pentagon may be slowly moving out to civilian government agencies. Since 2012, for all procurements over $1 billion, the Department of Defense (DoD) has held a services acquisition workshop, which “brings together all the stakeholders of an acquisition, from technology, to financial, to mission, to lawyer.” Ken Brennan, the deputy director for services acquisition in DoD’s Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy office, said the effort has been so successful, DoD is considering lowering the threshold. “We get pushback from people saying they are doing it by using Program Objective Memorandum (POM) budget process or using a checklist,” said Brennan. “But the reality is those processes tend to get hung up in bureaucratic inertia. Budgets may increase because of inflation, but there wasn’t that effort to look at the requirements and decide what needs to be there and what doesn’t.”

Is Procurement Harming Hawaii’s Airports?

Advocates are asking for an independent airport authority in the State of Hawaii. Honolulu airport in particular has been hit with project delays, and some say being a part of the state government—and having to abide by state procurement rules—has hurt progress. This is the latest in a seeming trend in various niche agencies or services seeking to extricate themselves from state procurement law.

The Key to Making Category Management Work

Writing at GovExec, David Shields—Managing Director for Procurement Transformation and Category Management at ASI Government—discusses the roles supplier relationship management (SRM) plays in helping category management succeed. Shields articulates the value of SRM, arguing “the government becomes a more attractive customer and gets more value for its contract spending, while suppliers are incentivized to provide better quality goods and services. And he outlines various steps procurement organizations can take to improve their SRM.

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