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The Border Wall Faces Another Barrier

The Atlantic looks at President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall, and some of the barriers it faces in coming to fruition. The article focuses on the federal government’s need to acquire land from private landowners, and the legal trouble that could create. Legal advocacy groups in states along the border have already begun to prepare for the eminent domain cases that would be required to acquire the land from citizens who did not want to sell.

Court Issues Temporary Injunction Against Department of Education Award

The U.S. Court of Federal Claims has granted a temporary injunction preventing the U.S. Department of Education from awarding a contract for the “collection and administrative resolution of debts resulting from non-payment of student loans.” The protesting company, Continental Services, filed a protest after not winning the contract, and being granted a debriefing. The court stated there are four factors it considers when weighing a debriefing: “(1) immediate and irreparable injury to the movant; (2) the movant’s likelihood of success on the merits; (3) the public interest; and (4) the balance of hardship on all the parties.” The court found in Continental Services’ favor in all four factors.

DISA Issues RFI for New Background Check System

The Defense Information System Agency (DISA) has issued an updated request for information (RFI) for the National Background Investigation System(NBIS). DISA was tasked with acquiring the NBIS after a 2015 hack of the Office of Personnel Management exposed the personal information of more than 21 million federal employees and dependents. According to the RFI, DISA expects the NBIS to be “system of systems software solution created from a complex portfolio of components. These envisioned components include a mix of government-owned solutions (GOTS), modified GOTS, customized and modified commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions and potentially new software components.”

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