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Bloomberg: IT Spending Continuing to Rise

Bloomberg Government looks at federal agencies’ information technology spending, finding that the federal budget still operating under a continuing resolution has not slowed spending. In fact, Bloomberg reports that IT contract spending rose 2.4% at civilian agencies during the first haf of this fiscal year compared with the same period in fiscal 2016. much of that is thanks to cybersecurity spending increasing 38%. Congress passed a continuing resolution last fall to keep the government open during budget negotiations, but the current resolution expires April 28.

Military Asks for an End to Continuing Resolutions

On the other hand, the Air Force said another continuing resolution (CR) would be “devastating” for the service. According to Col. Patrick Ryder, an Air Force spokesman, a CR would mean squadrons being grounded, new recruits postponing basic training, and moves put on hold, preventing military families from making plans. Ryder said pressing military engagements around the world have pushed the services to the limit without a proper budget. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley echoed Ryder during a Congressional Subcommittee meeting last week. “Candidly, failure to pass a budget, in my view, … constitutes professional malpractice,” Milley said. “The world is a dangerous place, and it’s becoming more dangerous by the day. Pass the budget.”

The Benefits of E-Procurement

A new article in Forbes looks at the ways electronic procurement can increase transparency and cut down on corruption. Aside from increasing efficiency, the article notes that e-procurement can often open government markets to more vendors, and help bring down costs. “The metrics for the success of the contract can also be built into the tool: automatically collecting information about price, delivery, speed, and rejection rates for shoddy products,” the author notes.

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