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Recent article on GovExec:  Acquisition Reforms Survive in Defense Authorization Bill
The article notes that, “[c]ontractors are also likely to welcome the bill’s authorized increase of $600 million for research and development, with an emphasis on ‘high-priority emerging technologies like hypersonics, artificial intelligence, space, cyber and directed energy.'”
In addition, Section 822 of the FY19 NDAA (CR) proposes a “study of the frequency and effects of bid protests involving the same contract award or proposed award that have been filed at both the [GAO] and [COFC].”
The study covers DoD contracts and includes: 
(1) number of protests at GAO & COFC and the results;
(2) number of protests where results at GAO & COFC differed; 
(3) average & median time of protests;
(4) number of protests where performance was stayed/enjoined and for how long;
(5) if performance was stayed/enjoined, whether the requirement was obtained in the interim through a different vehicle;
(6) for GAO & COFC, number of protests where performance was stayed/enjoined, monetary damages awarded, and how long performance was stayed/enjoined;
(7) size of protester (small or large); and 
(8) whether the protester was the incumbent.
A copy of the conference report for the FY19 NDAA may be found HERE.

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