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With cyber threats on the rise, Chris Scarisbrick of Sectra considers the cyber security landscape including how far cloud adoption can help the UK National Health Service (NHS), how functions like procurement are starting to think differently and how the next big disaster facing healthcare might even be global cyber-attack.

The threat to healthcare organisations from increasingly sophisticated cyber adversaries is very real, he says in the article.

One cyber security expert pointed out that attacks facing healthcare across the world are now on the rise, and remarked that in the US, for example, there has been a “steady stream of flash messages from the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and other security organisations about increased threat levels against healthcare systems.” In the UK, for example, NHS Digital continues to issue cyber-security alert notifications to health and care organisations, ranging from weekly threat bulletins to immediate high-severity alerts.

The security of patient information is one serious area of risk, with patients’ medical records containing highly sensitive personal information, he says. But more than that … healthcare organisations need to think about how to safeguard their systems from a range of threats. This might mean thinking about the security of administrative systems, medical devices, and even the systems that control the infrastructure of the hospital – such as power and lighting. With the potential to impact on operations and other aspects of healthcare provision, exploited cyber weaknesses could in some circumstances directly impact patient care.

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