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This is our weekly European public procurement news roundup. We will be bringing you recent public sector stories and information from around Europe’s news portals, reporting on how more than a trillion Euros of taxpayer money is being spent.

Effective market engagement for public procurement of catering

The EU-funded INNOCAT project, which supports the procurement of eco-innovative catering, has produced a collection of good practice case studies on how to engage the market for public procurement professionals. The document is intended to counteract the idea that market engagement endangers transparency and introduces bias into the procurement process. “Conducted appropriately, market engagement can be delivered well within the bounds of the European Union’s Directives on Public Procurement,” says Procurement of Innovation Platform, click through for more details and a link to the report.

Advice from the lawyers on purchasing energy

Experts Bird&Bird advise that purchasing power directly from renewable energy generators under a Corporate PPA has seen a resurgence in recent years. Purchasing directly “from renewable energy generators under a Corporate PPA allows corporate consumers and generators to take advantage of a range of economic, reputational and sustainability benefits,” it says. You can click through to the whole document here.

MEAT will be the only criterion for selecting public bids in Croatia

The new Law on Public Procurement in Croatia, which was adopted this week by the cabinet, states that the most economically advantageous offer will in the future be the only criterion for selecting winning bids in public procurement procedures. It still has to go to Parliament. The full report on Total Croatia News says “It is expected that the new law will make public procurement procedures in the future more flexible and easier, with reduction of costs for businesses and an increase in competition.”

Emergency market analysis called to speed up Polish procurement of helicopters

Flight Global explains that “This report is likely to be finalised over the coming weeks, and talks with potential bidders could begin by year-end.” This follows the ongoing turbulent acquisition of new helicopters particularly for naval search and rescue and special forces missions. “Warsaw controversially cancelled a proposed tri-service acquisition of 50 Airbus Helicopters H225Ms in October after failing to agree an industrial offset deal with the manufacturer.” Plans now appear to making progress.

Irish Procurement Guidelines: Code of Practice published

Guidance on public procurement practice has been produced by the Irish Government under a new Code of Practice on governance which applies to commercial and non-commercial State and regulatory bodies. “The Boards and senior management of State bodies should take steps now to ensure their procurement procedures and practices are compliant with the Code,” advises Eversheds, where the full story and main take-aways can be found.

Future of Scottish railway contract in jeopardy

“Scotland’s transport minister is to invite unions and other political parties to talks next week on setting up a public sector train operator,” explains BBC News. Following much criticism over punctuality and reliability, the existing contract could be cancelled in 2020 with contingency plans in place for the Scottish government to take control earlier.

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