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On the disaggregation of large IT contracts drive, the UK Government Commercial Function has published an advisory document, Government Shared Learning – Exiting Major IT Contracts: Guidance for Departments, which could be of use to other administrations we suspect. It offers advice to departments on how to plan for and execute the process of exiting a large, single-supplier IT contract and break it up into smaller chunks with a greater number of providers. The advice is targeted at departments with engagements covering an annual spend in excess of £20m – explains Public Technology,net. Crown Commercial Service said that the ongoing disaggregation drive across Whitehall is set to reach an “inflection point” in the next couple of years, with £3bn to £4bn of contracts set to reach their end and go back out to market. The government advised that “Disaggregation is complex … In reality, it typically takes longer than anticipated – up to four years – is resource-intensive, and needs to be well planned.” To read an outline of the advice see the full article here.

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