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CPO (chief privacy officer) magazine – providing data privacy, protection and cyber security news and insights – highlights the growing perils of hackers and malicious attacks on public sector organisations. “The last decade has seen attacks driven by ideology, greed and in some cases simple desire for revenge where a party thinks that they have been wronged by the organization,” it says. And it’s not limited to the private sector, the public sector is experiencing more and more threats, as we have seen in the UK this year with the NHS suffering from the WannaCry ransomware attack, which affected at least a third of trusts in England, and 6,900 NHS appointments were cancelled as a result. Similar stories ring around Europe (and everyone else) too. “The private sector is increasingly turning to cyber insurance to at least mitigate some of the effects of hacking, however governments across the globe seem to have been slow to take advantage of the innovations in insurance offerings,” it says. Read the full article here on public sector attitudes towards cyber insurance.

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