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The UK government’s Digital Marketplace, its central hub for public sector organisations to procure digital services, has come under criticism for the lack of clarity in its notices. A survey was carried out last October which considered 2,996 votes on 31 opportunities. It showed concerns that some of the opportunities published are incomprehensible to all but a few incumbent suppliers, making it more difficult for competitors and for smaller companies to break into the market. 71% of the notices did not adequately explain what problem was to be solved and 74% did not clearly describe user needs. Only 13% of the published opportunities were rated as generally good while 65% were rated as bad. The managing director of the firm that took out the audit said: “It seems very likely that the quality of writing in opportunities is putting off SMEs who are more than capable of undertaking these projects …” This is clearly something that needs to be addressed, especially now when the government is eager to attract more SMEs to its work portfolio. The fuller story can be found this week on the UKAuthority website.

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