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The UK House of Lords appointed a Select Committee last year to examine Artificial Intelligence and its potential impact, both positive and negative, on UK society, economy, regulations and ethics. The report has now been published and it urges the UK government to take more action to support AI developments. In part of its findings it strongly recommends an overhaul of public sector procurement and that the Government’s leadership in the development and deployment of artificial intelligence be accompanied by action. “To ensure greater uptake of AI in the public sector, and to lever the Government’s position as a customer in the UK, we recommend that public procurement regulations are reviewed and amended to ensure that UK-based companies offering AI solutions are invited to tender and given the greatest opportunity to participate. The Crown Commercial Service, in conjunction with the Government Digital Office, should review the Government Service Design Manual and the Technology Code of Practice to ensure that the procurement of AI-powered systems designed by UK companies is encouraged and incentivised, and done in an ethical manner,” it says. More details and a link to the report on diginomica.

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