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SPP Regions – European regional networks of municipalities working together on sustainable public procurement (SPP) and public procurement of innovation (PPI), which is run by ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) – has recently concluded its CO2 savings project which involved the collaboration of 31 contracting authorities in carrying out 39 eco-innovative tenders achieving emissions savings of 394,000 tCO2/year. It also achieved primary energy savings of 1425 GWh/year, which is projected to lead to a total of 1015GWh of new renewable energy generating capacity. These environmental outcomes are the result of strategic procurement and the collaboration and cooperation between regional authorities. The tenders were focused on four areas of public spend:  passive building construction, green electricity (with additionality), food and catering, and procurement of low-emissions vehicles. We’ll have a deeper look at these models next week, but for now you can read more on the SPP website here.

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